BEEVETS LIMITED is an assemblage of professionals thoroughly trained in the act of providing efficient technical services to clients globally.
As a team of professionals, BEEVETS LIMITED offers multi-disciplinary, innovative and economical solutions to a wide range of problems. The team was first assembled in 1990 to provide such services as:

– Civil (building), and Mechanical Construction Works
-Pipeline and Flowline Replacement Works
-Supply of Industrial Products/Chemicals


–Manufacturers Representatives (FOLGLADE ENGINEERING LTD UK)
-General contracts.

to major services providers in Oil and Gas, Energy Resources Industries. It has been refocused for direct first level client relations. Since our first year of operation till now the need to seize the competitive advantage existing in properly organized and profess-ionally managed indigenous technical services company propelled BEEVETS LIMITED as a direct services provider to major players in Oil and Gas Industries. e.g. Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC), Schlumbereger Group, Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Petroleum Training Institute (PTI) e.t.c. Energy, and other manufacturing industries and government ministries and parastatals.

The International nature and proprietary technology structure of operations in these industries necessitated strong alliance through technical partnership with firms overseas (FOLGLADE ENGINEERING LTD UK). Through this, we bring optimal local content maximum efficiency hence, best value for money, the desire of all stakeholders.

We are companies and manufacturers representatives for their products and services (FOLGLADE ENGINEERING LTD. UK). We maintain a very good network around the country, which assist us in the marketing of goods and services. Our track record is built on honesty and hard work.

Our steady progress since inception in 1990 is because skilled workforce mans BEEVETS LIMITED which is aided by the use of modern equipment